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Acquire 780 Mobile Phone Number Cloud adoption grew steadily during the past decade. Then, when the pandemic struck, all of that changed. Cloud-first companies were able to respond quickly and adapt at the right time. Companies that were slow to catch up had a more challenging job stabilizing. The same principle also applies to communications. Businesses that used on-premises technology were not able to change to remote work whenever they needed. The result? This result: Less collaboration, more silos, a staggering recovery. All over the globe, and in every sector, businesses are shifting they’re IT spend to cloud delivery models. Gartner forecasts that global cloud service spending will increase to $304.9billion by 2021. That’s an 18.4% increase in investment over 2020.

Acquire 780 Mobile Phone Number

It is not a coincidence that this investment surge occurs right after the COVID-19 Pandemic. Last year’s lockdowns, as well as travel restrictions and other disruptions, exposed many of businesses’ inherent vulnerabilities when they rely on older models for critical services. This is especially true where communications are concerned. The worst is not over, but that doesn’t mean companies can afford to be complacent about cloud communications. As the cloud spending spree shows, there is no way to avoid the risks associated with cloud services.¬†We inch closer and closer to the inevitable hybrid work future. Communicating well will be a significant differentiator. This means we can finally move communications to the Cloud. Here are a few reasons why.

Industry experts discuss the reasons why legacy systems cannot support today’s hybrid workforce.

Only 5.5% of companies are fully bringing home the office here are vaccines being released worldwide. However, this does not mean work will return to normal. Many organizations are still in flux. Many continue to make plans for returning to the office and what their timing will be.

Cloud investments rose and will continue to increase Acquire 780 Mobile Phone Numbers

However, many organizations are not optimistic about a total return. Only 5% believe they will be able to bring back their office-based work, even after the pandemic. For most organizations, the future looks more flexible. Many employees can now work remotely and on a hybrid basis. Some parts of their jobs can be done from home, while others are performed at the office. As in the old days of email, these workers will need access tools such as fax, video, phone, or messaging. First, ensure that all the business-critical tools you use work from anywhere. This is the first step in enabling work-from-anywhere policies. Only the cloud can fulfill all requirements for a hybrid workforce.

Cloud allows you to move around without sacrificing quality.

It doesn’t matter if someone works from home, the office, or on a mobile device. Bad connections can make collaboration almost impossible. In addition, due to the limited visibility of on-premises solutions (primarily when more IT teams work remotely) and the difficulties associated with obsolete systems, troubleshooting is often a nightmare. To make it more difficult for workers to move around, layers of solutions can be added.